Contract Manufacturing

Worldwide Network Of Partners

Allcure Healthcare works with importers, distributors and government suppliers to provide them highest quality products at a reasonable price.

We undertake various contract manufacturing activities on third part basis in the field of pharmaceutical formulations manufacturing. The company is presently doing contract manufacturing for various companies on their given brand names and varied packaging requirements.

We are equipped with most modern infrastructure with latest machines to undertake such contract manufacturing activities. We have a large production base to entertain such request on timely manner.

Together with a worldwide network of partners, we offer you individual support in the area of contract manufacturing. Whether you are looking for standardized or customer-specific product solutions that are to be partially or completely outsourced - we work closely together to develop needs-based solutions for a wide variety of demands. Our GMP quality assurance procedures ensure highest quality clearances with optimum shelf life. Our plant utilizes modern machinery with automated processes to give speed and reliability to the whole production process. We offer a complete range of products and services with timely assistance in packaging development and design.

Thanks to modern production line and GMP standards, we have achieved large scale production along with consistent quality. We manufacture a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical formulation products in almost any form. Importers, distributors, and agents are always invited to help us to introduce our products on their national markets. We also provide attractive dossier opportunities. We offer our clients dossiers with all relevant details enabling them to launch products in their markets without worrying about the manufacturing line.

The latest ERP software ensure our customers and we are always on the same page for information regarding products. We organize the design, development and roll out of the product for you so you can focus on the marketing. Our large-scale production capacities, highly qualified production, quality control staff and modern GMP certified manufacturing facility combines to give a perfect environment for outsourcing or contract manufacturing pharmaceutical products.

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